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NEXUSEMPHASIS Nexus for Skill Development, a dedicative private management team to implement, monitoring & fulfils skill development training program and its needs. EMPHASIS Management, an ISO 9001:2015 certified Organization already has a great experience in implementing & monitoring the certificate or placement linked skill development training program from last ten years. In the world’s current business and high volume business opportunities, companies are starting to understand more and more that it’s greatest asset is in the skills of its personnel. But at present situation to implement and conduct a skill development training program is not so easy like five to ten years ago. Now we need proper mobilization of beneficiaries, fair counseling, well experienced trainer and office staffs, nice infrastructure, good equipments and training materials, high class or five star training centre building and hostel facility, proper documentation and structured monitoring plan etc. While many employers understand this, lesser numbers know how to implement this successfully. For example as we all knows, mobilization of proper and good beneficiaries for a skill development training program is an important key for complete the training program successfully. But unfortunately most of the companies make wrong choice to choose proper beneficiaries / trainees, under pressure and then face difficulty in managing and here needs the importance of a private experienced mobilization team. That’s where NEXUS” comes in.

“NEXUS” is owned and managed by talented, experienced and highly qualified professionals in the area of skill development and support. “NEXUS” is established to provide services, solutions to skill development requirement, that provide a platform for all role players in the skills development industry to share ideas, provide solutions, network, and feel at home while doing it. “NEXUS” progressively work towards providing workable solutions for our clients. We differentiate ourselves by never losing sight of your needs, and by making certain that every project we work on contributes to your business strategic goals, and is a return on investment.

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